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Once again, it looked weird (archaic?) to choose #LaTeX for a 'small' doc with text + photos, so I began with it in LibreOffice… Wrong! I don't master either tool, but I feel more comfortable at organising text than at organising info visually, moving and resizing photos. Will try to remember next time (and maybe, convert the current file…).

Sorry Writer/Impress, it's not you. It's me.

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I edited recycled slides for a course I'm giving this semester in Impress (they were in PPTX).

This very quickly reminded me of why I use Beamer for slides I create myself.

Olivier Mehani at 2015-07-28T12:29:51Z

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org-mode -> latex is a must, FYI

Olivier Berger at 2015-07-28T13:55:00Z

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Thanks for the comments.

I converted the file, now it's in LaTeX (I prefer LaTeX headaches than LibreOffice ones). Org-mode still in my TODO (I manage to do slides with it, but no other documents), in September I'll have a look at reST.

Laura Arjona Reina at 2015-08-02T23:15:26Z

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