Laura Arjona Reina

Not good

Laura Arjona Reina at

Lack of sleep, late at job, no #coffee yet, 2 meetings in today's agenda. Not good.

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Don't worry, instead of coffee you can always eat an apple :-) anyway, I don't know why but I have the feeling that you're a very organised person, so don't worry, we all are humans here!! (well... the bots doesn't count).

Alberto Moshpirit at 2015-07-07T15:41:46Z

I hope it turned out well in the end! Maybe consider emergency coffee reserves for dire future situations like that!

mray INACTIVE at 2015-07-07T15:42:03Z

Hang in there, Laura!

j1mc at 2015-07-07T16:20:56Z

Yikes.... Good luck @Laura Arjona! Hoping you're well!

Christopher Allan Webber at 2015-07-07T16:33:11Z