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Elena I understand solar technology has been getting dramatically better. For me, a big part of the issue is portability. 

Crowdfunding is certainly one way to go if you're looking for investors, but this company didn't present itself as seeking funding, but as a company that had already passed the investor/prototype stage and was already manufacturing these computers (having field tested them in parts of the world where electricity is sparse or non-existent.  It presented itself as a tech company opening a retail division.  

@joeyh The idea was that although the folding 4 part solar panel folds into the lid compartment, but not built into the comouter, it was attached by cable, (and you could order 2 different lengths, which I did).  The user would take it out of the lid, and position it in the sun, on the other side of the room in a window, or even outside the room with the long extension cord...  or out in full sun while I work in the shade.   Since the solar panel isn't attached, replacing it (or the computer) presumably this component would be replacable and perhaps upgradable as solar technology improves even fast than it has in recent decades.  
@Jason Self Its been over a year, at this point, I can't see what the credit card company could do.