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I'm sitting here wearing a t-shirt saying "I'm a knight who says NIH",
which I wear with a little pride and some justification.

I'm now using my own distributed bug tracker to track bugs my own
backup software, both hosted on a git server I helped a bit with, and
all three tested by various automated testing tools I wrote. All this
software runs on an operating system I co-develop using a kernel I
helped get started.

Justified, but a little crazy.

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There's a great pleasure in using tools you've made yourself.

lfam at 2016-02-23T01:18:28Z

Either you're a sublime polymath genius, or this is a very good joke.

Sean Tilley at 2016-02-23T21:08:12Z

I'm no kind of genius. I have, however, been doing this for a long time.

Lars Wirzenius at 2016-02-24T06:07:43Z

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Yes, it takes time. Sometimes too much. 

Ilpo Nyyssönen at 2016-02-24T17:15:04Z