Alexandre Oliva at 2017-02-24T03:39:33Z

GNU Linux-libre 4.9.10-gnu Freed-ora 24 and 25 rpms are now available in the stable updates repositories; 4.9.11-gnu is in Freed-ora 25 testing; 24 is still building
Alexandre, would you, by any chance, know if the linux-libre binaries from the repo are build with aufs support?


Luis A. Guzman at 2017-02-24T11:48:26Z

Hi, Luis. They do not, although that doesn't stop you from adding your own third party modules.

Jason Self at 2017-02-24T16:07:38Z

That's nice to know.
I'm way to rust on kernel building skills. But i'll read some documentation and if you don't mind. Share a thought with you afterwards.

Luis A. Guzman at 2017-02-24T17:10:40Z