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The web archive now requires running Javascript on users' browsers to visit archived pages.  please tell them that shouldn't be required!  you can't even tell apart's own Javascript from archived sites' web blobs!
here's what I sent them through the feedback form:
Why oh why would you need to run unwelcome code on my browser just to allow me to see archived pages?
I wouldn't mind running your own code (assuming it's Free Software) but how could I then tell it apart from code that the archived sites would have attempted to run, and that would be archived and served by the archive?  That, I definitely do NOT want to run on my computer!
Please restore the ability to use the web archive without running web blobs, and without taking out my web condom.
FWIW, the most frequent reason for me to use the Archive is to work around CloudFlare Javascript-requiring CAPTCHAs, so you're now effectively rendering the Archive useless for this purpose :-(

Alexandre Oliva at 2017-04-18T19:53:56Z

I have the very same problem with every page in

Some people, also in Trisquel forums, suggest to use it instead of GNUnet or GNU MediaGoblin, but I told them that so far the problems are:

  • Not all default conversion or publishing formats are free/libre software friendly. It's like they're making free/libre software friendly formats as a "back-up", but aren't making presure so that society uses these free/libre software friendly formats.

  • The pages for each published work in require the average (and not tech skilled) user to run non-free software automatically.

Adonay Felipe Nogueira at 2017-04-21T14:08:54Z