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Roll Your Own YouTube/Flickr With MediaGoblin (LinuxJournal)

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Join us now and free the software... at 2014-08-16T02:22:31Z

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I'd like to do this, if it were a bit simpler ... seriously, I'm a Xubuntu user, not all that sophisticated w/ this stuff.

B. Ross Ashley at 2014-08-16T03:53:38Z

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There's and idea, Kete, thanks.

B. Ross Ashley at 2014-08-16T15:05:57Z

Okay, I signed up for the first public instance on the list (the one in Sweden) and tried to upload one of my own videos of my own mountain dulcimer playing. Server errors all 4 times. I guess I should try to roll my own, ne?

B. Ross Ashley at 2014-08-16T18:51:06Z