Michael michaelmd@identi.ca

Sydney, Australia



  • /usr/share usrshare@identi.ca

    Default City

    A 5th-year college student. Currently working as a developer in a government-contracting company and studying at the same time.

  • Free Software Foundation Europe fsfe@identi.ca

    Brussels, Europe

    non-profit organisation working on freedoms to use, study, share and improve software as critical for equal participation in the information age.

  • Nathan Willis n8@identi.ca

    Inaccessible Island

    Nathan Willis, Verified

  • Kraka kraka@mipump.es


    Amante de la lectura y antropología, linuxero por vocación, emac-ero por devoción.....me encanta correr por el campo como un loco...Diaspora*: lfortanet@diasp.eu - GNU Social: lfortanet@quitter.se - Twitter: @l_fortanet

  • ZaharMegaHuy ZaharMegaHuy@1realtime.net

  • Ben Sturmfels stumbles@identi.ca

    Ballarat, Australia

    Free software activist who loves riding bikes and flying kites. Lead developer at www.sturm.com.au.

  • Doug Whitfield dw@datamost.com

    Minneapolis, MN, USA

    I do A&R work for http://blocsonic.com in Minnesota, Kentucky, DMV (DC, Maryland, Virgina), and North Carolina. You may also find me at https://loadaverage.org/dawsports and https://joindiaspora.com/people/4d0edb1f2c17434702000595 Every Sunday at 8am US Central, you can find me at https://meet.jit.si/QuarantineMusicChat

  • Douglas Perkins dper@microca.st


    Places to find me: https://dperkins.org/ https://twitter.com/dpp0 https://identi.ca/dper

  • bass music bassmusic@identi.ca

    www.bassmusicblog.com is amazing!!11one

  • Earthrid earthrid@identi.ca

    Birmingham, United Kingdom

    Earthrid releases unusual electronic music.

  • FRee-K Sounds freeksounds@identi.ca

    Open Music Netlabel

  • Urban-Art starkartgallery@identi.ca

    Zurich, Switzerland

    Music, Dubstep, Grime, Bassline, Dj, MC, Images, Videos, Bookings, Events

  • base base@identi.ca

    Linz, Austria

    base records presents ecstatic accumulations of sonar experiences, vivid dubs of subsonar explosions.

  • netwaves embe@identi.ca

    Leuven, Belgium

    netwaves is a weekly radio program/podcast/compilation with a dose of fresh, free music, picked directly at the artist or his netlabel

  • DJ psi36 aka Dimi psi36@identi.ca

    Meule Meersen, Belgium

    DJ and VJ into breakcore, jungle, rave, hip-hop, reggae and all kinds of music, I call it wildstyle.

  • headphonica netlabel headphonica@identi.ca

    Weimar, Germany

    headphonica is a netlabel without genre-restrictions releasing music and other under creative commons licenses for free download. enjoy!

  • Breathe Compilations breathecomp@identi.ca


    Breathe is about music and freedom. Presents eclectic tunes and graphics of artists from all over the world under Creative Commons Licenses

  • Ben Borges buzzworkers@identi.ca

    Beersheba, Israel

    Founder & Webmaster at buzzworkers.com - Acid Techno and Electronic Music producers - Now Supporting Occupy,15M,Indigné-es Social Movements

  • Matthew Davidson freemjd@identi.ca

    Sawtell, Australia

    Dot org entrepreneur, inventor of the alcoholic mocktail, a distressed asset. http://microblog.ourcoffs.org.au/mjd.

  • Defective by Design dbd@identi.ca

    Boston, United States

    A participatory campaign exposing DRM-encumbered devices and media for what they really are: Defective by Design.