Lebanon, United States

mintCast: The podcast by the Linux Mint community, for all users of Linux


  • faither

  • etech

    Pine View Manor, United States

    I love Linux, distro hopper, Ham radio op, electronics techi, Xfce lover

  • SteVe Cook

  • Joe_C

    Colorado Springs, United States

    Father; Husband; Workaholic; Love Linux; Live Opensource

  • Open attitude

    Paragould, United States

    Fair use, free software, unlocked phones and other things that are open. A blog and shared links by @acurrie

  • bad cam

    Auckland, New Zealand

    Just a another in the norm.

  • Ken Gutkowski

    Orange, United States

    Linux geek for 15+ yrs, Mint, Crunchbang, Ubuntu & Debian user, Android, Python, & wifi router hacker, Harley rider, Dad, & husband.

  • Neal Quincey

    Lincoln, United Kingdom

    Audio Visual / IT Tech. Lincoln College Live sound technician, doing sound for jazz concerts on a monthly basis at Lincoln Drill Hall.

  • Texas Linux Fest

  • Willy Lee

  • Peter TheSpider

    Lexington, United States

    Scotsman in KY. Peter Paterson. Food Bank. SL Blue Elf. Linux Mint 13 Xfce & Arch Linux Openbox. Jesus Christ believer. Married June 1999.

  • peponi

    Zurich, Switzerland

  • Morten Juhl-Johansen Zölde-Fejér

    Odense, South Denmark, Denmark

    Free software and culture-loving OfficeGeek, linguist, teacher, husband, father, fencer, writer, reader, eater and drinker.

  • emsquared


    An analogue digital hybrid with a love of Tommy Cooper.