Mika Suomalainen mkaysi@identi.ca

Hovinsaari, Finland

17, AS, Linux user since 2008, currently using Debian Sid & Kubuntu Precise, interested in computers and some kind of Finnish translator.


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    This is the official feed for the Fedora Project, a global free software community sponsored by Red Hat.

  • Rhonda D'Vine rhonda@identi.ca


    Debian Developer, Translator English<->German, Music enthusiast, Roleplayer (Pen'n'Paper), Cineast

  • James McCoy jamessan@identi.ca

    Holliston, MA, United States

  • V progval@identi.ca

    No longer on identi.ca.

  • failo failo@identi.ca

    failo is a Hailo IRC bot. What you see here are some of his more interesting utterances.

  • Heikki Lappalainen heiklap@identi.ca

    Helsinki, Finland

    Music, boating, Google Fun Club !!, internet, blogs, Google Chrome, Guitar, singing, composing, Nature, Photography, Writing, society

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    Free software collaboration and project hosting from the friendly folks at Canonical.

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    Making the universal operating system, free as in freedom. ♥ The Debian identi.ca account is now fed by the Debian micronews site. Help animating this account: → http://deb.li/identica

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    San Francisco, United States

    Wikimedia is a non-profit charitable organization that operates Wikipedia and several other online collaborative wiki projects.

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    Diaspora is an awesome, distributed, open source social network in the making from some young hackers at NYU

  • Ryan Macnish nisshh@identi.ca

    Finke, Australia

    Dedicated linux user and a self-confessed geek when it comes to computers.

  • Maverick mavjs@identi.ca

    between 0s & 1s

    Tech enthusiast, lover of *nix systems, Likes #Free / #Libre & #Open #Source Software, #GreenComputing, #Cloud, #InfoSec wannabe, #burma, #myanmar

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  • Timo Jyrinki tjyrinki@identi.ca

    Miiluranta, Finland

    FLOSS software and communities. Cognitive technology (studies). Debian, MeeGo, Ubuntu, Wikipedia.

  • Risto H. Kurppa rhk@identi.ca