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I was busy talking to people leaving together for BART at an event last night, so I forgot to take my laptop. First time I've ever came close to losing one (other than the time I was held up, and the robber ran away rather than shooting me, I guess).

I got it back today, but I was somewhat surprised how serene encryption and recent backup made me feel; almost didn't care at all. Do those things if you haven't. :)

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I started LUKSing all my partitions after losing a laptop in a taxi. Backups came because I have changed computers and crashed hard drives too many times. Anything that matters is in some git repo.

Claes Wallin (韋嘉誠) at 2013-10-04T05:51:52Z

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Mike you're in the bay area??

Luis R. Rodriguez at 2013-10-04T16:31:02Z

Yes, north Oakland..

Mike Linksvayer at 2013-10-04T16:47:01Z

Dude, OK, can you e-mail me: mcgrof@do-not-panic.com

Luis R. Rodriguez at 2013-10-04T19:46:02Z