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I would love it if all patents evaporated, if all the stuff was open source in ways that we could use, and we didn’t have to deal with any of this mess ... Development of codecs has been massively hampered and held back by the fact that it has been done in a fashion that has served to maximize the patent encumbrances on codecs. Sooner or later, we should see a way forward to abandon the dependence on encumbered codecs also for video software. My question, at this juncture, is if not now, when?

First part of the quote is from presenter for H.264 at a recent IETF meeting, second part from presenter for VP8.

A bit more in blog post... http://gondwanaland.com/mlog/2013/11/11/evaporate-patents-webrtc/

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Video codecs are one of the worst offenders. Even the big companies like Apple are afraid of submarine patents.

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Apple pretends to be afraid of submarine patents to dislike open standards; They're not afraid of them when they're on H264

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