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CC 4.0 licenses are out, perfect time to upgrade to CC0 http://gondwanaland.com/mlog/2013/11/25/upgrade-to-0/

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Great points, Mike. My new strategy has been to shift folks one point towards CC0, every 6 - 12 months. Ideally I could make someone go from C > SA > BY > 0 in under a few years.

It is helped by the fact that nearly all of my clients really enjoy the spikes of attention the more open licenses afford. ^_^

maiki at 2013-11-26T10:56:30Z

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Although there may be some valid criticism of the CC-BY-SA implementation of copyleft, it irks me to see permissive licenses described as "more open".

the original tmnt at 2013-11-26T13:46:35Z

@clacke but my support for CC0 is equivocal. it isn't perfect! :)

Mike Linksvayer at 2013-11-26T19:49:48Z

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"my support for CC0 is equivocal. it isn't perfect!" + 1.

Many good points in your post, and I have some thoughts about the future of CC (licenses) too. I will be too lazy not writing up a post to follow up yours.

Tyng-Ruey Chuang at 2013-11-27T07:39:53Z

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