Where is the new W3social network today?

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Are we decades, years or maybe even months away from the next

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>> mray:

“You think my client repeats shares as a non-changable default on purpose?”

No. I see you use Pumpa. I don't know how shares look on it, but maybe it's not that obvious that they're shares of the original post. Maybe it is, and your complaint is the fact that you see the shared post when the original is already present, but I think Pumpa "minimizes" the copies when that happens.

If it's not better, I don't think it's on purpose, it's probably because nobody gave @Sazius a better idea of how to handle those, or just because he didn't have the time to implement it, and nobody offered a patch.

JanKusanagi at 2015-09-03T22:54:10Z

@JanKusanagi: We all understand that you're very invested in Pump.IO. After all, you repurposed your Diaspora client app as a Pump client. But, please understand that none of the above posters was attacking Pump.IO.

If they are not developers who have time to work on Pump itself or some part of its ecosystem, it is only natural that they'll eventually tire of "it'll get better soon".

At some point, we all have to ask whether the existing state (with any anticipated improvements) is acceptable. Some people will decide that something else fits their needs better. Hopefully, it will be something that will soon interfederate with Pump.

A big part of why people think there's no progress is because almost no one has stepped up to help Evan with the core server and its Web interface. A look at Github shows over one year since the last commits, and almost six months of silence before those. It looks much like abandonware.

There are a couple of people who have recently been actively developing improvements, so hopefully, they'll be able to submit pull requests soon.

@mray, @heluecht: If you're not able to help develop Pump itself (or any client or service built to interact with it), one way to help is creating issues on Github that request improvements to Pump.IO that enable it to meet your own needs better. Or if you've got a little extra in your wallet, sponsor work on fixing an existing issue. at 2015-09-04T00:08:21Z

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Filing issues for a project with one developer who lacks time and money to work on it seems like a desperate move. Especially when there are over 400 open issues. The future of does not look that bright and the recent W3C involvement does seem to have no impact on that. Unfortunately.

I really hate to sound negative about things I like so much.

mray INACTIVE at 2015-09-04T00:35:18Z

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There are 400 open issues, but there are also a lot of closed pull requests that were not merged without any explanation.

There is also a 0.4 branch which is a rewrite in CoffeeScript, but it is not clear whether this is what the future will look like.

Roman at 2015-09-06T14:09:36Z