Murray Cumming


  • Jon Nordby

    Berlin, Germany

  • Shaun McCance

    Hacking Gnome for fun and profit

  • Phil Bull

    I'm an astrophysics student, and member of the Ubuntu and GNOME documentation teams

  • Jakub Steiner

    Graphics designer at Novell. Founding father of the Tango project, and senior resident designer for the GIMP project.

  • thp


  • Andre Klapper

    Old Yurop

    Wikimedia bugmaster, bugmaster, GNOME Bugsquad, Release Team, Czech L10N team, Documentation team, yet another student.

  • Javier Jardón

    Manchester, United Kingdom

  • Chris Kühl

    Prenzlauer Berg, Germany

  • GTK+ and friends

  • David King

    Norwich, United Kingdom

  • Jannis Pohlmann

    Manchester, United Kingdom

    Open Source Developer, President of the Xfce Foundation, Student in Computer Science and Musician.