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So I've been listening to a lot of weird podcasts while working on typeface design the past few weeks (stay with me; this goes somewhere).
Problem is, I have about 20–25 hours a week to fill that way (although I don't max out of course), which means I have a tendency to run out of podcasts.
Which means I look around for more, which means I read recommendations. And a LOT of the recommended podcasts that aren't currently in active production just vanish completely. No archive. Sometimes it's produced by a commercial broadcaster and it disappears behind a paywall, but for the most part, independent sites just go offline; the feed URLs vanish and the sites (and, often, domains) shut down. Sometimes the Wayback Machine folks archive the pages and the RSS, but that doesn't capture the media files.
I don't think we've learned anything from the days when broadcast radio, TV, music, and printed material was just thrown away under the assumption that it was no longer current therefore it was no longer of any importance. ❌, Charles Stanhope, James Dearing 🐲, Christopher Allan Webber likes this. ❌, ❌, ❌ shared this. does have large media archives as well... maybe an opportunity to avoid losses there with auto-chasing of RSS feeds?
It would be better, perhaps, if something like Freenet/ipfs/zeronet would gain traction and become the default. I'd like to have the older media that I've created or accessed kept around by default as long as there's a modicum of interest in it.

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You would think so. I suppose there is some general caution to be exercised regarding copyright; I don't know necessarily what standard redistribution licenses on podcast content are, but I do suspect that licensed music would pose a bigger problem for IA than does the text content of web pages on Wayback.

But I still personally think such an archive ought to exist, objections from advertisers / royalty-collection agencies or no.

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