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I have now spent a full half of one day using the GNOME-Shell–based version of the desktop Ubuntu session, complete with it's unremovable " 'swipe' the lock screen to wake up your screensaver, even though you're using a laptop with a tiny trackpad, rather than a phone, where you can actually swipe things" antifeature.

People put up with this fifty times a day? Half of one day, and I am already prepared to burn both projects to the ground, and salt the earth beneath them. #Egad.

Show all 7 replies I'm pretty sure you can just type your password, you don't have to swipe.

murph at 2018-01-17T23:41:16Z

Sweeny, I don't mean waking the screen but using the Escape buton to dismiss the "swipe to unlock" thing, which is after the screen is awake.

Jason Self at 2018-01-18T05:18:57Z

No, there is not a password-entry field. This is not the lock screen by traditional desktop metaphors, this is the "curtain". It comes on when the screen blanks, except unlike an actual screensaver, it's designed to show the system clock and notifications.

Besides, typing the full password is worse than swiping, unless the user has a worryingly short password.

Nathan Willis at 2018-01-18T14:21:07Z

never seen that on ubuntu studio on a desktop .. guessing thats different?

not going to waste money on tablets or smartphones until someone has one available with root out of the box ..

no root no sale ..

until that is available no phone can be trusted!

Michael at 2018-01-20T06:00:52Z