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Movie buffs: Did you realize that TODAY is the date that Marty McFly jr travels back to in Back To The Future Part 4! #amazing #trivia

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Um, sorry to be the bearer of bad news folks but this one is false. For one, there were only three movies. Part 4 was never made. For another, none of the three movies that were made involved a stop in the year 2014. Part 2 did involve a trip to 2015 though and there is already a website counting down to that: So, nothing to see here, time to move on.

Jason Self at 2014-11-20T17:26:32Z

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I don't think you're taking this seriously enough, and those of us who do don't appreciate it. Please stop joking around.

Nathan Willis at 2014-11-20T17:28:13Z

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Of course you don't know about Part 4. It's in the future.


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