#defectivebydesign : apple store opening - customer enclosed

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source : http://belgium-iphone.lesoir.be/2015/09/19/lapple-store-de-bruxelles-a-ouvert-ses-portes-et-a-frustre-de-nombreux-fans/ 

it's a whole symbol ...

people hold a traditional queue for the opening of the store of that brand in Brussels, 500 persons guarded by 100 security guards and police officers, inside metal barriers, for hours if not days before the opening...

how people like to enslave themselve with so much energy is ... staggering... :/

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ha yes, and they also have ... trees inside the store !!... trapped full scale trees .... !
"come... inside our realm of glossiness, enclosed denatured nature and glamorous chains of desire" (the watches were presented but not sold it seems ... )


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