Ingolf Schaefer

Bremen, Germany

Once student of Latin and ancient Greek, now mathematician.


  • Richard Fontana

    Native New Yorker/Brooklynite, now in exile

    IAAL. Views in dents solely mine & not those of any past|present employer|client. Fear not the long con!


  • Aurélien Gâteau

    La Chapelle-Rablais, France

    KDE (gwenview) and Yokadi hacker, wannabe designer, drawer and photographer (and recently gardener)

  • mustard

    I'm an android client for StatusNet

  • Arne Babenhauserheide

    Graben-Neudorf, Germany

    Free licensing idealist, roleplayer, hobby musician and writer, python coder, doing phd in physics – avatar from Trudy Wenzel (GPL). Find me on and

  • Martin Gräßlin

    Neckarstadt, Germany

    KDE developer mainly on KWin

  • Marco Martin

    KDE and Plasma developer...

  • Bradley M. Kuhn

    originally from Baltimore, MD, USA.

  • Philip Muškovac

    Stuttgart, Germany

    Kubuntu developer, alpha tester, bug triager and general linux fan ;)

  • Diaspora

    Diaspora is an awesome, distributed, open source social network in the making from some young hackers at NYU

  • Mageia

    Mageia, the new Linux distribution

  • Bruce Byfield

    Vancouver, Canada

    I'm a freelance journalist who covers free software. I also read almost anything, exercise heavily, and study Northwest Coast Art.

  • Jos Poortvliet

    Bernau bei Berlin, Germany

    Hi! I am Jos Poortvliet, community manager at ownCloud. Check my blog if you want to know more.

  • Inge Wallin

    Linköping, Sweden

    Father of 2 kids, KDE developer, Calligra Suite developer and marketing coordinator, 1 kyu in aikido

  • Randal Schwartz

  • Lydia Pintscher

    Karlsruhe, Germany

    cat herder by nature, people geek, Free Software and Free Culture girl

  • Harald Welte

    Berlin, Germany

    Linux Kernel Developer, Hacker, Freedom Fighter. Nerd. Kinky.

  • Aaron Seigo

    KDE developer (Plasma!!), past President and board member for KDE e.V. , Free software enthusiast, world traveling Canadian, father.

  • Offray Vladimir Luna Cárdenas

    Bogotá, Colombia

    Interasado en libre cultura, modelaje informático, complejidad, cognición, comics. Docente. Consultor

  • Cairo-Dock

    Cairo-Dock is a light, eye-candy and powerful interface to your desktop. It features docks and desklets. For GNU/Linux and *BSD only !