Jon Phillips

Global Village, India


  • S.Kemter

  • BRAMA Laboratory

    Warsaw, Poland

  • Yemanjalisa

    Saint-Georges-la-Pouge, France

    Designer graphique, formatrice, auteur, facilitatrice

  • W3C (World Wide Web Consortium)

    The World Wide Web Consortium develops interoperable technologies (specs, guidelines, software, tools) to lead the Web to its full potential

  • Benjamin Mako Hill

    This account posts summaries of the summaries I write for AcaWiki.

  • adam hyde

    Founder, FLOSS Manuals

  • Torsten Grote

    Berlin, Germany

    This account is deprecated. Please subscribe to me at my own instance at

  • The Document Foundation

    Berlin, Germany

    It is an independent self-governing meritocratic entity in the form of a charitable Foundation under German law.

  • François Marier

    Vancouver, BC

    Free software developer. Moved to

  • farid



  • Aurélio A. Heckert

    Programmer, Digital Artist, Free Software Developer, Vegetarian, and @COLIVRE member

  • Nikos Roussos

    Kalamávki, Greece

    opensource & digitalrights activist - @mozilla rep, @fedora dev, @fsfe ga member, @hackerspacegr member

  • Freedom Included

    Cambridge, United States

    Low volume news announcements from Freedom Included, Inc. - see for higher volume group.

  • Michael R. Bernstein

    Albuquerque, United States

    Python web developer and consultant, science-fiction fan, American-Israeli dual national. Code for America Fellow.

  • Uwe Hermann

    Debian, coreboot, flashrom, sigrok, and libopencm3 developer. Free Software and Open Hardware enthusiast and contributor.

  • Rui Seabra


    Free Software advocate and coder.


  • Jo Walsh

    Edinburgh, United Kingdom

    Burned out hacker, yummy mummy, neogeographer, research data wrangler

  • Random Colour

    A web service generating random colour descriptions for you to use. If there is a problem with me, contact @robmyers.

  • amin

    Urmia, Iran

    آنچه را میدانم با انچه که نمیدانم تحمل میکنم‫!