Risto H. Kurppa rhk@identi.ca


  • RuiSeabra RuiSeabra@p.1407.org

    Lisbon, Portugal

    Professional sysadmin during the day; Free Software advocate, current president of https://ANSOL.org/, father and other adventurous stuff by night with a strong interest in civil rights, namely in the (broadly ignored) digital scene.

  • rozzin rozzin@identi.ca

    New Hampshire, USA

    rozzin has moved. This account has been superceded by http://status.hackerposse.com/rozzin

  • www.rzr.online.fr rzr@identi.ca

    http://rzr.online.fr/# !n950club !harmattan !meego !maemo !debian !android

  • Antti Talsta tasata@identi.ca

    Hämeenlinna, Finland

  • Timo Lindfors lindi@identi.ca

    Helsinki, Finland

    #debian #OSM #openmoko #fsfe

  • Mika Suomalainen mkaysi@identi.ca

    Hovinsaari, Finland

    17, AS, Linux user since 2008, currently using Debian Sid & Kubuntu Precise, interested in computers and some kind of Finnish translator.

  • whirli whirli@identi.ca

    "When ignorance reigns, life is lost." https://diasp.eu/u/whirli

  • Gustav Hartvigsson gegoxaren@identi.ca

    Vänsjö, Sweden

    An Epic Troll. An Atheist A thinker. A Homo sapiens. Ubuntu GNU/Linux User.

  • Pieter Colpaert pietercolpaert@identi.ca

    Ghent, Belgium

    I'm a student engineering and free culture enthusiast

  • Odin Omdal Hørthe velmont@identi.ca

    Oslo, Norway

    Likar linux, foto, video/film, @helene, webdesign, nynorsk osb. Work in Opera Software.

  • Eetu Huisman eh@identi.ca

    Helsinki, Finland

  • dotslash dotslash@identi.ca

  • Rui Seabra ruiseabra@identi.ca


    Free Software advocate and coder.

  • Rob Messick mindkmst@identi.ca

    San Francisco, United States

    . Open source proponent/fanboy: BSD, Python, etc... Media junkie. Sports lover

  • Mikko Värri vmj@identi.ca

    I do mobile things.

  • linmob linmob@identi.ca

    Steinrode, Germany

    microblogging about linux on mobile devices is my life. nothing else ;)

  • Ville-Pekka Vainio vpv@identi.ca

    Helsinki, Finland

    Open source/free software geek, hacker, Fedora developer, FLOSS translator, metalhead...

  • Jussi Kekkonen tmt@identi.ca

  • Timo Jyrinki tjyrinki@identi.ca

    Miiluranta, Finland

    FLOSS software and communities. Cognitive technology (studies). Debian, MeeGo, Ubuntu, Wikipedia.