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Just a reminder that I moved my account to my own instance at

Do try to follow me there, will ya?

Thanks a lot buddy! :)

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So... No secure way to do it.

Sr. Ninguém at 2013-12-19T17:16:56Z

You don't follow anyone outside do you? What's the point of a federated social network?

When you change your profile in, if you follow me at my pump, my pump needs to change your profile in order to reflect the changes, etc...

RuiSeabra at 2013-12-21T09:11:47Z

Your wish is my command ;) just implemented a virtualhost only for redirecting...

RuiSeabra at 2013-12-21T10:17:19Z

>> Sr. Ninguém:

“So... No secure way to do it.

You can avoid doing that if you use a client.

JanKusanagi at 2013-12-21T13:55:24Z