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Wow. Twitter blocks people using alternate URL shorteners (like because it might be spam or "malicious activity". Amazing. /s

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Funny. And replacing users' links with a link to their own shortener, while making it look like it's still the original link, isn't "malicious"?

The nerve...

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Now come on.. How are they supposed to track who clicks what if ya use your own shortener? I'm sure in their view using an independent shortener is 'malicious' to their metrics which in turn is malicious to their bottom line. And I won't even start on how you're blowing their whole SEO dreams.

Interesting that this news comes on the day I decided not to follow any twitter pointing links. Tired of it not working unless I turn on cookies and JS just to see some pointless 140 char thing. Got better ways to waste my life thank-you.

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Don't use url-shorteners. Besides, url's don't count towards the 140 character limit on Twitter any more.

gdk at 2016-06-23T11:15:52Z

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How about shortening it to just "Don't use Twitter"

Freemor at 2016-06-23T11:27:24Z