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After a weeks holiday, they returned with a 54 minute, 4 person epic.

Standard stuff, tried TeamViewer, Supremo, back to TeamViewer, then they sort of gave up.
Even though I repeatedly said when on the TeamViewer site that "Linux" was in big letters on the page, they still insisted on trying to install a Windows ".exe".
Even had them trying to get me to uninstall "ClamAV" and "Unix", which was "expired"; after uninstalling it, they would help me install "Proper security software and operating system".
When I pointed out my install was less than 6 months old, and I was wasting their time on purpose, they swore at me and hung up.
5/10, wouldn't use again. You, Sir, are of my heroes!

Iñaki Arenaza at 2016-09-21T22:53:09Z

You should write a book xD

JanKusanagi @i at 2016-09-21T23:30:14Z