South West England, United Kingdom

I am a member of two Mageia teams, Atelier and Quality Assurance, but also the founder of Freenode IRC channels such as #mageia-social.


  • Patrick Vossen

    Merna, United States

    Minister and bible teacher. Love software work with Linux as well.

  • Gordon Sinclair

    Castlecary, United Kingdom

  • Amy H.

    Michigan, United States

    Mechanical engineer, sports follower, gamer, lover of the offbeat, music nut, and geek.

  • Neil Darlow

    Bedford, United Kingdom

    A Hardware/Software Engineer who uses FreeBSD and GNU/Linux.

  • silner

    Wolverhampton, United Kingdom

    I read books and write messages and listen to music and I try new things

  • Daniel Martí


  • XFaCE

    Cobourg, Canada

    Another university undergraduate

  • Hilton Garcia Fernandes

    Ouro Leve, Brazil

    Tudo é uma questão de manter a mente quieta, a espinha ereta e o coração tranquilo. Walter Franco

  • Jon Dill

    Unity-Linux/Mandriva contributor, linux enthusiast, ATB fan, and soo much more...

  • David Pernot

    Reykjavík, Höfuðborgarsvæðið, Islande

  • Neustradamus


  • mrs. stench

    stay at home mom who loves open source

  • Simon Putt

    Nottingham, United Kingdom

  • Bytes Media

    Onchan, Isle of Man

  • reality damaged

    ok maybe a little about me, i am a graphic design student, and i like da video and pc games :P

  • Kevie Jr

    Arnol, United Kingdom

    my parents are on here @kevie & @lochiesangel, everybody's been asking for me so dad set up my account

  • Maverick

    between 0s & 1s

    Tech enthusiast, lover of *nix systems, Likes #Free / #Libre & #Open #Source Software, #GreenComputing, #Cloud, #InfoSec wannabe, #burma, #myanmar

  • Vince Aggrippino

    Kampong Enteleben, Malaysia

    From The US and Malaysia, I'm interested in Linux, FLOSS and Web Development.

  • Inge Wallin

    Linköping, Sweden

    Father of 2 kids, KDE developer, Calligra Suite developer and marketing coordinator, 1 kyu in aikido