Software Freedom Law Center

New York, United States

We provide legal representation and other law-related services to protect and advance Free, Libre, and Open Source Software.


  • ザシャ

    Germany / Japan

    IT(dev+sec), Japan/Asia, Anime, Video Games, Politics, Discordianism, Криптоанархизм, datalove, ...

  • Kesara

    Wellington, New Zealand

    Back on ;)

  • Gergely Nagy

    Budapest, Hungary

    A tiny mouse, a hacker. Not active here anymore, tooting at instead.

  • Bleeter

    Gūshdūn, Iran

  • David Batley

    Onchan, Isle of Man


  • Freedom Maniac

    FRDM(Freedom) Maniac also known as FOSSmaniac for me from FOSS, I understood Freedom, so changed Nick to Frdmaniac!

  • Francisco M García Claramonte

    Debian Developer. Free Software developer. XMPP:

  • Konstantinos Amagnostopoulos

    Athens, Greece

    Theoretical Physicist: String Theory, Quantum Gravity, Lattice Field Theories, Computational Physics. National Tech U Athens

  • Bruno Ramos

    Schoos, Luxembourg

  • prasad rao

  • Rigoberto Calleja

    Ciudad de México | Mexico City

    Colaborador de proyectos de software de fuente abierta. | Open source project contributor. F6D6 AC54 AC7A 2FD0 6CC0 3AC1 8443 7929 4946 EB5F

  • Free Culture Foundation

    The mission of the Free Culture Foundation is to bring an end to the subjugation enabled by private ownership over media, ideas, and technology.

  • Defective by Design

    Boston, United States

    A participatory campaign exposing DRM-encumbered devices and media for what they really are: Defective by Design.

  • Robert Finley

    Knoxville, United States

    Comments on this account are my own personal opinion and do not reflect the opinions of any entities that I may be affiliated with.

  • Laura Arjona Reina

    Madrid, Spain

    Trying to live according to the Golden Rule. Studying, using and promoting Libre Software (Software that respects your freedom)

  • Aurélien

    South Corsica, France

    Mechatronics is our playground, do it GNU as possible is our goal to stay on the ground.

  • Chrissie Therese

    Brighton, United States

    Operations Assistant at Free Software Foundation

  • Joshua Gay

    New Haven, CT. USA.

    I'm interested in free software & free textbooks. I live in New Haven, CT USA.

  • Greg Troxel

    Cambridge, United States