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I very much agreee with the sentiment expressed by Paul. Luckily, I have made my own identica-backup a long while ago, so the external links of my dents remain functional. Of course, links from my blog to specific identica-conersations are broken now and that is annoying. But I do not fret too much about this as link rot occurs everywhere and has its technical reasons. So I don't blame Evan too much for not offering a solution for an overall and common problem.

But what I fret about (and assume Paul to partially share in that annoyance even for different reasons) is that users of pumpio are treated like guinea pigs to test a crappy software. Pumpio has been in the making for quite a long time (I believe a year or so parallel to statusnet) so it should by now offer a satisfying user-experience. But it does not. Having still more than slight "logistical" problems or appealing for patience because the software is still alpha only goes so far. 

I think JanKusanagi is missing the point when he says that changes have been necessary and take time. This is not about technical issues but that technical problems and flaws in design and functionality are placed on the user to tackle with. And it is not the user's problem.

Trying to turn the tables and requesting ("inviting") user's participation, as Evan does in his reply to Paul, simply shows how instead of delivering a satisfying ("working") software himself he tries to mik the users. 

This is, of course, a common characteristic of "open" and "free" software-development. Users are expected to participate for free, to file bug reports, help translate etc. That's how Ubuntu or Wikipedia have grown until they reached a certain market dominance. But the flip side is that if the user is not willing to participate that way he is expected to shut up because he is not "positively contributing". Again, why should the user do that? Users are the main assets of social media platforms, so they can expect a smooth performance.

One can, of course expect users to contribute for free, and there will be enough people who will do that. But this is also the reason why pumpio is and will stay a nerd-corner where nearly nothing but code-and-gadget-blabla is exchanged. (Not so different from the times of identica on statusnet, where tech-updates where the norm, and content other than that appeared elsewhere.)

Evan, it's not the users job to help you fix a software you seemingly cannot get properly running. As the user experience of pumpio (even with the help of pumpa) keeps being annoying, I'll wait a short while whether things improve. If not, I will contact you for having my account deleted as well.