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What a mess!!! If this is what the Feds accomplished just getting the sign-up applications going (the easiest part), just imagine how smoothly this is all going to run when everyone tries to get their medical bills/claims paid. #CluelessFeds

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Government contractors routinely fail to build working applications. They can do this because they'll be paid to fix the mess they (and the agency that hired them) made. Give them fixed price, "tested and working or fixed for free" contract terms and a lot of these flops will stop. at 2013-11-02T23:05:56Z

@sazius:,, and the like integrate several thousand airlines, hotels, car rental services, all kinds of things, with prices and availability that change constantly, 24/7. I'd say that's at least on par in terms of complexity. has had three and a half years to get it together. This is an embarrassment. It's inexcusable. But as @lnxwalt said, it should shock no one.

Pete Daniels at 2013-11-03T00:47:08Z

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I like that now I don't have to do a full application to see what plans are available to me.  I was in the dark during October.  Even my health care provider was in the dark.

The bad thing is that for where I live...catastrophic and bronze plans seem to be the only things on offer.  Apparently I live in a community that is very difficult to insure.  The extremely high deductible for the bronze plan makes it kinda worthless for me.  The lower deductible options aren't even available.

There is a "health care sharing ministry" I am apparently eligible for.  I gotta check the details again.  It isn't the leap I feel ready to take but I may have to.

Stephen Michael Kellat at 2013-11-03T01:18:06Z

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Too bad we can't just have medicare for all. That works fine.

Mark Jaroski at 2013-11-03T21:15:43Z

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