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What are your favourite piano songs?

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I'm starting up piano lessons again as an adult and really enjoying it! I'm looking for ideas for some new favourite songs, so if you played/play, what songs do you always go back to? My top 3 are probably Wedgewood Blues, Chariots of Fire and Brick by Ben Folds Five.

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I haven't played this, but I've sung it! (with the Washington Metropolitan Gamer Symphony Orchestra):

Sarah Elkins at 2019-01-13T02:47:49Z

Hmm, it doesn't show a preview.  It's not a rickroll; it's a piano rendition of the Dummy! song from Undertales, a little ragtime fun, showing the keys to hit as it plays.

Sarah Elkins at 2019-01-13T02:49:16Z

I'll have to give it a go, thanks!

Ben Sturmfels at 2019-01-13T13:08:13Z

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Yes, that's it.  A *lot* of fun to sing, looks fun to play (I had one year of piano lessons in my teens).  Enjoy!

Sarah Elkins at 2019-01-13T16:28:53Z