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Bash history too valuable to lose

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I've started version controlling my .bash_history, since it feels like my extra memory. Being able to Ctrl-r search everything just lets me remember how to do a whole lot more things without explicitly writing them down and later looking them up. This also allows me to crudely synchronise between development machines every week or so.

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Not a bad plan =)

JanKusanagi at 2018-01-21T02:01:09Z

I have largely replaced aliases or functions in ~/.bash_aliases (called from ~/.bashrc) with just named functions in .bash_history. Version control becomes natural and immediate.

So I just:
$ useful_function() { for blah in blahs; do stuff; done; }; useful_function

And then calling is just C-r useful_fun, and if I need to change something I change it, and then enter and boom, new version. ❌ at 2018-01-21T02:45:13Z

That's really neat, great idea!

Ben Sturmfels at 2018-01-21T03:04:14Z

@Claes Wallin (韋嘉誠) What happens when you restart the system or log out though, do you just Ctrl-r back to the definition?

Ben Sturmfels at 2018-01-21T03:05:58Z