Thomas Koch

Thomas Koch, Software Developer, Better world activist


  • exfwecr

    Crăciuneşti, Romania

    Pasionat de jurnal (en: blog), linux, jocuri online și internet.

  • Functional Jobs

    Longwood, United States

    Dream jobs for functional programmers – Erlang, OCaml, Haskell, Scheme, F#, Lisp, and more!

  • Libravatar

    Freeing the web, one face at a time!

  • S.Kemter

  • Kune

    Kune: web tool, in development, for encouraging collaboration, content sharing & free culture.

  • Mike Linksvayer

    pre-epoch parasite, post-epoch scavenger

  • Zooko Wilcox-O'Hearn

    Boulder, United States

    Founder and CEO of Least Authority Enterprises. Email or

  • Dominic Hopf

    Hamburg, Germany

    Free Software Hacker; Fedora Ambassador; Fellow of FSFE; Weird Guy; What a Pirate is meant to be;

  • Sune Vuorela

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    Software dude, scout, opensource fan

  • Răzvan Sandu

    București, România

  • James Michael DuPont

    Hopewell, NJ

  • Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen

    Student of Game and Engine Programming and part of the Amarok dev squad

  • Astro

  • Guido Arnold

    Bad Vilbel, Germany

    Free Software enthusiast. Particularly interested in: Free Software in education, Free Knowledge and Free Culture. I don't really use this account anymore. You'll find me more active on Diaspora:

  • meinhard

    nomadic web monkey, hitch-biking around eurasia

  • Tom Marble

    Minneapolis, United States

    Consultant specializing in: Clojure, Debian GNU/Linux, cybersecurity, performance analysis, and FLOSS hw/sw/legal policy.

  • Venty Lator

    Schlieren, Switzerland

    Hackerfunker, Rockstar, Unix-Hosli und CEO (Chief Essens Organizer) der Linux Users Group Switzerland.

  • gl0bi

    Morston, United Kingdom

  • Ulrich Berens

    Foto, Linux, Freie Software, Web und Welt

  • Peter Hormanns

    Krefeld, Germany