Tyng-Ruey Chuang

Seaside Vegetation 濱海植被

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I like that image, so messy and lovely.

Looking forward to following people's federated MG accounts.

But also somewhat fearful. Looking at diaspora, facebook, g+ and increasingly twitter, I see a bunch of image noise. I'd love for pump clients (including web one) to discourage this maybe by only showing tiny thumbnails? How will it work when someone uploads a batch of images to MG? Will a message per image be sent to subscribers, or message per batch, or former with some kind of indication of batch so clients can display accordingly?

Mike Linksvayer at 2014-08-10T19:21:46Z

Mike, I put the original here so you can study the details:

The one I uploaded to identi.ca is a preview extracted from the original above (which at the moment sits on an  experimental MG instance). The plan is to set up a stable and permanent instance here as a media depository for research and personal use.

I think flooding all people with every newly uploaded media can be too much. It will be nice to have a way to link up pump.io and MG user accounts so I can say in my MG instance "push this but not other images to my followers at that pump.io instance". I am not sure if this will work (or I am not talking nonsense) but seems like an alternative to making people subscribe to yet another service (i.e. my MediaGoblin instance) just to get notices of new photos.

Tyng-Ruey Chuang at 2014-08-10T20:13:42Z

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