The Waterloo Region Chapter of the Ubuntu Canada LoCo

Waterloo, Canada

Follow us for news of jams and release parties, and stuff of interest to Ubuntu users in Waterloo Region.


  • The Document Foundation

    Berlin, Germany

    It is an independent self-governing meritocratic entity in the form of a charitable Foundation under German law.

  • Todd Turnbull

    Kitchener, Canada

  • Charles McColm

    Resident geek for The Working Centre's Computer Recycling Project.

  • Michael Geist

  • Jason

  • Nope.


  • Ubuntu Development

    Stay on top of Ubuntu development and get involved!

  • Jono Bacon

    Ubuntu Community Manager, Author and Musician. For the gory details, see

  • laurelrusswurm

    the interwebz

    I'm a self publishing author, free culture advocate, media artist and a mom. ⇐ Author page: • Libreleft Books ⇓—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— ⇒ just now my GNUsocial Instance is under construction ( | email: ⇑

  • Russell McOrmond

    Where technology meets social sciences. Very interested in technology law, politics, etc.

  • Denver Gingerich

    Upper Fraser Valley

    My views are my own. I work part-time at Software Freedom Conservancy and full-time on JMP.

  • lothlaurien

    Deep Tunnel (historical), United States

    digital imaging, photo restoration, graphic design, photography... still not colouring inside the lines

  • Reid Ellis

    Toronto, Canada

    Evangelical Atheist Mac/Qt developer

  • Fabian Rodriguez

    Montreal, Canada

  • txwikinger

  • Stephen Paul Weber

    Kitchener, Canada


  • KW Linux Users Group

    Waterloo, Canada

    GNU/Linux, Free Software, Open Source and technology enthusiasts meet on the first Monday of the month; free and open to all.

  • Bob Jonkman

    Elmira, Canada

    Computer consultant who occasionally participates in Real Life… ⁂Lather ⁙Rinse ♻Repeat

  • Darcy Casselman