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» Laura Arjona:

“I still didn't try to do buttonholes. I'm fighting with the sewing machine more often (from 2 works per year now I am at 4-5 works per year) but still in the very basic steps.
My mother did semimanual buttonholes as you explain, but I don't know if she had other option with her machine.”

@Laura Arjona yay for fighting more often with the sewing machine, as that's the way to win! :D

As for the buttonholes, I believe that sewing machines either can do the semimanual 4-step buttonholes or the automagical 1-step ones, I don't think that there are ones able to do both.

anyway... in a bit more than a week there will be the fosdem videos, and that's another excellent hand-sewing time :)