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StickerConstructorSpec compliant swirl

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This evening I've played around a bit with the Sticker Constructor Specification and its template, and this is the result:

Now I just have to:

* find somebody in Europe who prints good stickers and doesn't require illustrator (or other proprietary software) to submit files for non-rectangular shapes
* find out which Debian team I should contact to submit the files so that they can be used by everybody interested.

But neither will happen today, nor probably tomorrow, because lazy O:-)

Edit: now that I'm awake I realized I forgot to thank Enrico and MadameZou for their help in combining my two proposals in a better design.

Source svg:

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As I suspected, the link to the svg didn't survive the passage from friendica to pump.io: it should be this one:


Elena ``of Valhalla'' at 2016-06-18T22:27:13Z