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The Problem With Putting All the World’s Code in GitHub
Github's likely emergence as Silicon Valley's latest unicorn could lead to conflict between its open source ideals and the pressures of a multibillion-dollar exit.

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The problem with centralization, in general...

JanKusanagi @identi.ca at 2015-07-15T12:34:51Z

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Very true.

GitHub just is a nice convenient example used by a community (the FLOSS one) that should know better, with a past example that has already gone wrong (SourceForge).

Elena ``of Valhalla'' at 2015-07-15T12:57:50Z

@valhalla@identi.ca And that's why I'm hosting my code on Gitlab - if they go full corporate, I can always download their last fork and host it in another server.

Carlos Solís at 2015-07-15T13:08:26Z

Not that GitLab is a big improvement: the hosted version is based on the proprietary edition, so there is no guarantee that a migration to a self-hosted community edition will be seamless.

Also, that is exactly what we used to say with gitolite, and it didn't go that well. :(

Personally I'm hosting my personal projects on a gitolite+gitweb at home, and I'm looking forward to see git integration in friendica for the stuff I want to publish (Friendica and not pump.io because in friendica there is already something done, see e.g. http://social.gl-como.it/projects/gl-como/sito/commits/master but of course both would be fine)

Elena ``of Valhalla'' at 2015-07-15T13:21:03Z