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Dino in Debian experimental

What is Dino?

Dino is a modern IM client using XMPP (Jabber) with support for both OpenPGP and OMEMO. It looks very nice and can already be used for chatting and group conversations. It is, however, not yet stable nor feature-complete. If you are looking for something like Conversations (Android XMPP client), but for the desktop, Dino is for you. If you like to have something more stable and feature-complete, try Gajim instead. I use both! :~)

Dino is written in C and Vala, uses the GTK+ UI toolkit and looks best in Gnome, XFCE, or other GTK+ based desktops. I heard about planned versions for Windows and MacOS, too, but don't hold your breath.

How to install Dino on Debian?

Since yesterday, the Dino IM client is available in the official Debian repositories, but so far only in the "experimental" distribution. To install it, Debian users have to:
$ echo deb https://deb.debian.org/debian/ experimental main | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/experimental.list
$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt -t experimental install dino-im

This should work on nine official and five unofficial architectures for at least unstable and testing. Not sure about stable. I'm pretty sure, that oldstable will not work.

Why the "-im" suffix for Dino in Debian?

There used to be another program, an "integrated MIDI piano roll editor and sequencer engine", by the same name in Debian. Many references to the old program still exist, so it would be problematic to recycle the name for a different purpose.

Happy chatting!

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Debian Package Tracker - dino-im

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They could have chosen a lesser used name:


Swift also looks interesting and probably more mature than dino (which is still a bit raw around the edges), sadly it's not in Debian and I couldn't find anybody working on it.

Any takers? :D


Elena ``of Valhalla'' at 2017-11-14T14:36:07Z

Well, there are a lot of *swift* packages in Debian, but they're mostly related to the Openstack thing, and Swift IM was there before Apple came with their "Swift" language, so it was not that used at the time of Swift IM's creation =)

And Swift IM _is_ in Debian and has been for a long time (included in Wheezy), it's just not in Debian 9. AFAIK the Debian package is maintained directly by upstream, maybe part of the process could be improved somehow...

JanKusanagi at 2017-11-14T15:37:00Z

Thanks, I couldn't find it.

I notice that it hasn't come back in buster, either, and has a couple of release critical bugs that have been open for about a year: that isn't exactly a good indicator of the health of a package; maybe upstream has just stopped caring about debian?


Elena ``of Valhalla'' at 2017-11-14T15:48:42Z

» Elena ``of Valhalla'':

“[...] maybe upstream has just stopped caring about debian? [...]”

I doubt that, as they maintain their own repos.

Maybe it would be good if there was a Debian-specific person (or group) taking care of upgrading the package on Debian's repos?

JanKusanagi at 2017-11-14T15:57:19Z