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On the demise of Slack's IRC / XMPP gateways

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Gunnar Wolf • On the demise of Slack's IRC / XMPP gateways

Well, they have lost me as a user. The day my IRC client fails to connect to Slack, I will delete my user account. They already had record of all of my interactions using their system. Maybe I won't be able to move any of the groups I am part of away from Slack – But many of us can help create a flood.

Say no to predatory tactics. Say no to _Embrace, Extend and Extinguish_. Say no to Slack.


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» Elena ``of Valhalla'':

“[...] Say no to Slack [...]”

I never even said yes to begin with...

Say no to any silo! =)

» Claes Wallin (韋嘉誠):


It's weird, but even though the direct link fails, it's the first thing ATM at http://gwolf.org/ and at Planet Debian.

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Adding a / at the end of the direct link may or may not help, that site tends to have issues like this, sadly.

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