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I'd recommend following the link and reading all of the answers to the end, expecially the last one.

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Both people should be willing to move over in order to avoid collisions.

lnxwalt@microca.st at 2015-06-10T19:24:57Z

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@liw I want women to have the same rights as men, yet what we really need is people to set a good example. Beyond that If someone is acting like a bully or thug then they should be identified and singled out with evidence used against them. People in general seem to enjoy more freedom now than they have ever done yet a minority don't seem to want  the responsibility that comes with it. I don't want to be at war with the opposite sex, however that seems to be the agenda that's being pushed by mainstream media.

jrobertson at 2015-06-10T20:14:07Z

This is a bogus link to nowhere. I can't tell her the answer.

I've dodged 10,000 females with near misses and I'm sure 9999 which that I had not.

Rick Lee at 2015-06-11T01:12:28Z

*wish not *which.

Internet should have a backspace key.

Rick Lee at 2015-06-11T01:13:20Z