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I checked the transcript of the video and Mark Shuttleworth definitely committed to Free software in the Edge phone:
Simon: So what’s going to be in there? That’s all going to be free software?
Mark: Yes, we’ll ship this with Android and Ubuntu, no plans to put proprietary applications on it. We haven’t finalised the silicon selection so we’re looking at the next generation silicon from all major vendors. I would like to ship it with all Free drivers.

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ATM using a 3rd party client is the only way to get formatted comments. See:

sazius old account at 2013-08-03T15:12:19Z

Simon, I want to believe you are right with regard to Mark Shuttleworth, i.e. that his ultimate goal is software freedom, and he is just making different strategic choices than others. But with them even making proprietary software in house (i.e. Ubuntu One, and Launchpad earlier) I have a hard time doing that.

sazius old account at 2013-08-03T15:25:42Z

That was the main topic of our one hour conversation, FWIW :-)

Simon Phipps at 2013-08-03T15:33:23Z

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It is unfortunate you didn't record that conversation :-) It would have been very interesting. But I guess with the mic on it wouldn't have been as interesting :-)

sazius old account at 2013-08-03T16:33:47Z

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