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I have this thought to make a freely licensed game for the original Gameboy and release it on actual carts as well as a ROM image. Maybe even release the soundtrack as its own cart and ROM. Are these things that people would pay for?
Hmmm. Maybe, although I have no Gameboy to play it on.

Jason Self at 2016-01-02T03:10:26Z

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I might. I've got a few generations of Game Boys currently gathering dust; would be nice to play a Free game on them :)

James Dearing 🐲 at 2016-01-02T05:19:49Z

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Not to be a party pooper, but In order for a Gameboy game to work, you have to include a binary blob which is (if I recall correctly) the bitmap image of "Nintendo" that scrolls up the screen when you power on the unit with a cartridge in it. A game won't work without it. It's both a copyright and trademark leverage to enforce Nintendo's licensing terms on developers. At least that's the way it was way back in the day when I made a foray into game development. Have they come up with a "jailbreak" for Gameboys that don't require that image?

Charles Stanhope at 2016-01-03T03:07:00Z