Buenos Aires, Argentina

Adherent of the Unix philosophy and admirer of the BSD tradition, \LaTeX{} and TikZ lover, mediocre and lazy geek, professional moron.


  • Fuck it

    Don't know

    Who cares

  • lupyxe

    OpenBSD sysadmin & discloser. Writer (mostly cyberpunk & dystopia). Aspie. Autodidact. Humble. Philanthropist. Follow me at your own risk.

  • Mohan Ram

    Columbia, United States

    Huge fan of software that works and does what it suppose to do. Lazy, unproductive and likes to annoy people.

  • Philip Herron

    Belfast, United Kingdom

    Frustrated Software Developer...

  • ɯu


  • Cyrille Berger

    Linköping, Sweden

    Researcher on robotics and computer vision. Skiing, bicycle, taking pictures, a bit of drawing and a lot of open source programing.

  • Support

    Official Support for

  • Thomas Doczkal

    Mount Vernon, United States

  • bigbrovar

    Abuja Nigeria, Nigeria

    I am a servant of the secret fire, wielder of the flame of Anor!

  • Luca Vinci

    Sardinia, Italy

    "Esperto di nulla, ma curioso di tutto."


    I don't want to live here anymore.

  • Ryo

    Hólar, Iceland

    Hello! こんいちわ! My name is Ryo [ri:o] and I'm interested in Astronomy,Anime,Manga, Japan,Geocaching,Android.

  • Thibault: “Cut!”

    London, United Kingdom

    I try to re-invent the way we experience comics | BD (bandes dessinées in French) and radio on any screen near you.

  • Aaron Seigo

    KDE developer (Plasma!!), past President and board member for KDE e.V. , Free software enthusiast, world traveling Canadian, father.

  • TuxRadar

  • Alexandre Pereira

    Vale do Abelha, Portugal

  • Casper EAC Clemence

    Stafford, United Kingdom

    Unapologetic intellectual, animist, dog.

  • Matthias Kretz

    Darmstadt, Germany

    working on making SIMD programming easy; KDE Developer; studied physics and CS; working on a Ph.D. in CS

  • Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen

    Student of Game and Engine Programming and part of the Amarok dev squad

  • Joon

    Lebanon, United States

    I'm a PhD Student in Marketing. Love Python and openSUSE. Interested in Scientific Computing in Python.