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Investigador en ciencias atmosféricas, Doctor en Física, colaborador de GNU,... Scientist, Ph.D. in Atmospheric Physics, member of GNU,...

  • Un día máis...

    2014-04-19T00:31:26Z via Impeller To: Public

    ...en Vilapingüín

  • Felpa y franela

    2014-04-14T21:11:30Z via Impeller To: Public

    Es oficial, odio la felpa y la franela ®©¢$¥℅°=÷×

  • La Vida

    2014-04-12T20:44:16Z via Impeller To: Public

    ...puede ser maravillosa. Va por ti cielo.

  • Stress

    2014-04-03T21:24:59Z via Impeller To: Public

    I have suffered a few days with too much stress, and moreover I got a horrible cold. I was KO for three or four days. Sorry if you have suffered my filthy mood and thank you, specially for you my princess.

  • Newton Y Los Blogs

    2014-03-19T00:55:37Z via Impeller To: Public

    Y es que Yorokobu mola mucho http://yorokobu.es/newton-y-los-lectores/

  • St. Patricks at Oxford

    2014-03-17T20:41:45Z via Impeller To: Public

    I hope you are having a great St. Patrick's day

  • Sunny Day!!! Finally

    2014-03-08T11:59:39Z via Impeller To: Public


  • Wrong Connector

    2014-03-07T08:51:28Z via Impeller To: Public

    In my laptop there is an USB port next to the entry for the  RJ-45 connector. Recurrently I insert the USB connector in the RJ-45 :-/ This is becoming irritating.

  • En Detroit dicen <<carallo>>

    2014-03-05T22:31:20Z via Impeller To: Public

    O dobraxe da galega, se non ves a TVG non o podes nin imaxinar http://m.vice.com/es/read/los-negratas-de-detroit-dicen-carallo-doblaje

  • Inmortalidad

    2014-03-05T08:19:15Z via Impeller To: Public

    Hoy en El diario.es

  • Nice Evening

    2014-03-03T22:08:43Z via Impeller To: Public

    I'm enjoying a really nice evening. A superb dinner cooked by my beatiful princess and a quiet and relaxing sofa time.

  • Discwoman

    2014-02-25T19:09:16Z via Impeller To: Public

    Today I have seen in the bus a woman with a discman. It is the most 'are you from the past?' thing that I have seen in years. Or maybe it is cool?

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  • Uno de cada cuatro estadounidenses no cree que la Tierra gire alrededor del Sol

    2014-02-18T22:52:55Z via Impeller To: Public

    Sin comentarios extra

    Fuente: http://google.com/newsstand/s/CBIw__Hh0BE

  • Climate Change And Nacional Security

    2014-02-16T21:41:12Z via Impeller To: Public

    Climate Change is an issue of National Security for the UK, Ed Miliband says http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2014/feb/15/ed-miliband-stark-warning-climate-change?

  • El Tiempo De La Guerra

    2014-02-16T12:11:48Z via Impeller To: Public

    Hay un tiempo para la paz y un tiempo de la guerra. El Gobierno de España quiere aprobar una dantesca ley para que sólo tenga acceso a contenidos culturales quien pueda pagarla. Ha llegado el tiempo de la guerra.

  • Vueling, Gotye and salary

    2014-02-02T19:37:31Z via Impeller To: Public

    Vueling is playing during their flights <<Somebody that I used to know>> by Gotye (yes, game over, kill yourself). By the way, I've got an increase in my salary, the first in a row of three this year ;-) Check my blog http://juan.gulo.org  for the extended version

  • Sometimes music can be great, and it is better if it can calm your heart and your mind

    2014-01-23T16:42:11Z via Impeller To: Public

  • Comprar sillas

    2014-01-17T19:29:03Z via Impeller To: Public

    Es muy importante saber comprar sillas, el tiempo y la forma también son importantes

  • La Investigación científica en España versión El Padrino

    2014-01-08T23:53:11Z via Impeller To: Public


  • El presidente de Iberdrola y el precio de la electricidad

    2013-12-19T12:42:04Z via Impeller To: Public

    El presidente de Iberdrola se ríe ante preguntas por el precio de la electricidad mientras mucha gente pasa frío por no poder pagarla