Is this called a roll-up curtain or what? ("paranoiacs need light, too")

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Is there a conventional name for this? I found "roll-up curtain", but it is used for "roll-down curtain" as well.

ETA: You pull the handle (fixator) down, the curtain is pulled up to cover more of the window. You let the handle go up, the curtain moves down to let more light in.

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I see, something is missing on my picture:

1. Where does the bottom part of the curtain go when you open it, if you want to be able to open more than just a little.

2. How do you open a side of it to approach the window. But I think the fixator does not have to be a heavy stick :); the complex part may be tangling of the ropes.

Aleksej at 2014-10-18T12:16:02Z

>> JanKusanagi:

“In Spanish we call that "estor", which, according to our dictionary, comes from the French "store" (curtain).

Russian has a related general word "штора" (/ˈʂtorə/), originally "стора" (/ˈstorə/) for curtains, with a more Russian synonym or hypernym "занавеска".

Aleksej at 2014-10-18T12:21:07Z

They are (often) called "рулонные шторы снизу вверх" on the Russian Web.

Aleksej at 2015-10-04T13:04:48Z

"Рулонные шторы" are "roll-up shades" / "roll-down shades", "снизу вверх" means ≈"bottom to top".

Aleksej at 2015-10-04T13:11:32Z