Global Village, India

Sharing Knowledge to Build Rich, Sustainable Lives. Practices & technology for green living and effective development. Most posts by Chris.


  • mustard

    I'm an android client for StatusNet

  • victorhck

    Miembro de openSUSE, y usuario con ganas de seguir aprendiendo

  • Wayne Mackintosh

    Kekerengu, New Zealand

    Learning should be free for all students of the world. Lets build these futures together

  • Carlos Solís

    Santa Ana, Costa Rica

    Estudiante de informática de la UCR. Intereses: Inciclopedia, Fandub, StepMania, Animé, Software Libre, Idiomas Artificiales

  • Dimi Piraat


    Anarcho-taoist-gypsy-rasta-hippie-burner-punk into tattoos, electronic music, activism, ecology, geek stuff and lots more.

  • Adhidarma Hadiwinoto

    Jakarta, Indonesia

    Promote opensource implementation n development. Director of an IT Consultant in Indonesia.

  • Ecotribe

    A gathering of minds who think, work, live, learn, dream of ecology, permaculture, tread light, transition, self-sufficiency, etc.

  • Scorcher

    Waiatoto, New Zealand

  • Goteo. Crowdfunding the commons

    Barcelona, Spain

    Financiación colectiva para el beneficio colectivo (procomún). Open Crowdfunding social network soon in full english!

  • ChokePoint Project

    Ga-Maeleletja, South Africa

  • brokengoose

  • Valentin Verdier

    Hi, i live in Draveil near Paris in France. My principal hobbies are cinema, music, sport, going out, restaurants, internet, travels.

  • Marko Đorđevic

  • fauno

    former poet, buccaneer, parabola hacker

  • Graham Perrin

    Hove, United Kingdom

    I am now all the things that I was when used StatusNet, plus a little more.

  • James Neill

    Gibraltar, Australia

    psychology lecturer aka (life)hackr intrstd in ideas & tech

  • Reinout van Schouwen

    Rotterdam, Netherlands

    Research (Java) developer @ Interest in Free Software (Gnome) and green politics

  • Dvd Mrsdn


    Another url, another planet.

  • Brooke Vibber

    Portland, Oregon, United States

    Wikimedia Software Architect & open source web developer; MediaWiki, StatusNet, and other goodies! Current ActivityPub-enabled home:

  • Ryan Macnish

    Finke, Australia

    Dedicated linux user and a self-confessed geek when it comes to computers.