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Restore Android App Data

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What do you all use for Android backup? I have an rsync script, but just borked my S5 trying to encrypt it and I have no idea what to restore to restore app data... web searches are useless because all the result advocate proprietary Play Store backup/restore options...

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TWRP Open recovery for nandriod images of the phone (encryptable)

oandbackup for backing up apks + data (encryptable). helpful to enable the option to save the oandbackup apk in the root of the backup directory.

(No sense having an encrypted phone if the backups are in the clear.)

rsync to back the data on the phone and said backup to our nas

Freemor at 2016-11-28T01:19:19Z before a known operation like that, I just do a full adb backup to a laptop. Continual backups are done using syncthing to several computers on my network, but that's mainly for photo, video, notes, etc. It could sync more but I try to keep minimal state on device. oandbackup is useful, but it's too manual a process for me to remember to do on a regular basis.

Kevin Everets at 2016-11-28T02:09:58Z