Ben Guy-Williams

So long ago- Wolverhampton, Wombourne, Fylde Coast, Worcestershire...

Englishman teaching 5 year olds in Bangkok


  • Mike Smith

    Lewiston, United States

    Just a dude finding his way in the world. I enjoy open-source software, astrophysics, tea, beer, electronic music, and mountain biking.

  • Dan Dart

    Somerset, British Empire

    Pip pip.

  • Kimme Utsi

    Tromsø, Norway

    Father for 2 children and an Sami speaking Linux user.


    Rathole Radio is a fortnightly show about new music, free culture, politics, humour and more.

  • Stav Prodromou

    San Francisco Bay Area, California, United States

    Open microblogging service enthusiast. I ♥ and Avid major league baseball fan, especially devoted to the Oakland Athletics. Go A's!

  • Evan Prodromou

    Montreal, Canada

    Montreal hacker and entrepreneur. Founder of, lead developer of, CEO of E14N Inc.

  • Marble

    Teversham, United Kingdom

  • Greg Grossmeier

    Views are my own unless they aren't.

  • Michael Gratton

    Sydney, Australia

    Wildly disjunctive.

  • silner

    Wolverhampton, United Kingdom

    I read books and write messages and listen to music and I try new things

  • Williams Orellana

    El Rodeo, El Salvador

    I am a computer programmer living in El Salvador, passionate about technology, free software, Debian and Blender :)

  • Creative Commons

    Yr usin' my license!

  • Popa Adrian Marius

    Târgu Mureş, Romania

  • Bug Humour

    Humourous bug comments

  • tryggvib

    Reykjavik, Iceland

    Supporter and activist for digital freedom in all forms

  • TuxRadar

  • The Linux Foundation

    San Francisco, United States

    The Linux Foundation is a nonprofit consortium dedicated to fostering the growth of Linux.

  • microft

    Portuguese Code Monkey!

  • No one


    I'm trying to delete me account

  • Maxime Pelletier

    Quebec City, Canada

    Web programmer, open source lover (using gentoo-kde), all around geek without social life