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Congratulations, Australia!

New short blog post: the themes of networked identity, body violation, freedom inhering in being able to unplug/choose, in scifi by Newitz, Sugar, Wells, & Leckie

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Thanks, wishlisted* both Annalee Newitz' Autonomous and Nicola Griffith's Slow River.  Loved Martha Wells's All Systems Red, and Ann Leckie's  Radch universe books. 

* for bookmarks -- my TBR piles (physical and virtual bought books) are already ridiculously high.  Physical is 1/10 men/women author ratio, apparently.

Sarah Elkins at 2017-12-09T15:48:08Z

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Well done, Australia! =)

JanKusanagi at 2017-12-09T15:54:07Z