Brian Tanaka


  • Remo Giermann

    Bonn, Germany

    „A freak of society in a society of freaks.“

  • Julie Pichon

    The Pike, Ireland

    Software dev, open-source enthusiast, endlessly curious about education and technology. Learning Japanese at the moment.

  • Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso

    Mathematician. Free Coder. Hacker Errant.

  • Sam Williams

    DeKalb, United States

    Software/Systems Architect, project manager, FOSS Advocate, coach, teacher, and social media wonk. Loves Indie music, movies, and SciFi

  • Ryan Macnish

    Finke, Australia

    Dedicated linux user and a self-confessed geek when it comes to computers.

  • ushcompu

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    No mas en Culomundo


    Brisbane, Australia

    Yet another GNU/Linux guy. Haiku OS fan, KDE user and accidential web developer.

  • Nathan R. Yergler

  • ᕱᕳใᕲ࿈ ᔕᕈᖇᕱᗯᘂ ᔕᕳᕼᗝᘂᕱᖇ

    Gūshdūn, Iran

    Pinkie Sparkle stands for love against all odds. #Feminismus #Anarchismus

  • frankenspock

    Whitepine, United States

    Spent the night in the map room. I humanize the vacuum.

  • Reinaldo Bravo

    Canberra, Australia

    Aspiring business analyst, Kubuntu linux user, coffee enthusiast, free and open source software supporter. On twitter, I'm @rbravonet

  • Rodrigo Belem

    Manaus, Brazil

    Open source developer living in the middle of the Amazon Rain Forest.

  • ana b

    London, United Kingdom

    owner of a cat called Guinness. Producer, writer, film buff (apparently)

  • Mathias Teugels

    Moleken, Belgium

    Student ICT at the KAHO Sint Lieven Gent, Belgium. Open source fanatic and pythoneer from top to bottom.

  • Mike Taylor

    Philadelphia, United States

    Currently I'm solving problems and writing code for Mozilla as part of the build/release team. Python, XMPP, Open {Social|Data|Source}

  • IM Service

    Iowa, USA

    Posts about the IM service

  • joeyh

    deepest appalachia

  • Nicolas

  • Amy H.

    Michigan, United States

    Mechanical engineer, sports follower, gamer, lover of the offbeat, music nut, and geek.

  • Michele Azzolari

    Milan, Italy

    Old account . Sometimes I'm here: